Minitries I

Birthmonth Ministry:

This ministry strengthen and encourage the fellow believers of the church and to provide a spirit of love and compassion to all God’s children by acknowledging the occurrence of special events, birthdays, anniversaries, illnesses, and bereavements in the life of each individual by sending them words of encouragement and inspiration through cards.

Christian Education:

The mission for the Ministry of Christian Education is:

  • To teach God’s Word
  • To train and equip God’s people for service
  • To guide our children, youth and adults in a spiritual formation process relevant to their needs

Cornerstone Ministry:

This ministry develops the entire man (spirit, soul, and body) to a diverse group of people age 55 and older. Provides senior adults with Christian fellowship through a variety of activities that are fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. They seek a closer relationship with God and opportunities to make Him known to others

Dance Ministry:

This ministry has been provided to enhance the worship experience. We stress the importance of the guidance of the Holy Spirit during each ministry opportunity. Children, youth, and adults are attracted to this ministry.


The general mission of a deacon is to carry out those administrative and ministry needs that free the ministerial staff to giving their full attention to praying, teaching, preaching, equipping and giving oversight to leadership and shepherding matters of the body.

  • Chairman: Deacon Troy Cooper

Drama Ministry:

This ministry develops the entire make-up of each individual through performing drama, comedy and musical skits for the glory of God’s Kingdom. Drama done well in the church will also connect people to the message—The Word.

Evangelism Ministry:

This ministry is filled with individuals who are believers of the Word and who are endlessly committed and dedicated to leading the unchurched and/or unsaved to Christ.

Finance Ministry:

Counts, sorts, and records all offerings from the services, prepare collections for deposit and assist in record keeping.